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M1GO ‘Real Type’ Vira Seijin.  Flesh vinyl painted with Monster Kolor.  Crazy Ultra-plant-thing-kaiju features vibrant organic colors with a gloss finish up top, and velvety matte brown roots down below.  Available exclusively at FOE.  Stands ~9″ tall.

Glyos Biotron Exellis Fully painted with Monster Kolor with shading and highlighting.  Subtle Moondust application on the white to give it a real toy-sheen.

Glyos Res-Que Pheyden Fully painted with Monster Kolor with shading and highlighting, panel lines, a heavy coat of Moondust for an awesome finish, and a glow in the dark weapon and power disk on back.

Glyos Gobon Interloper Clear parts for everything besides the legs fully painted with Monster Kolor C-thrus and given a color change flake coat.  Lights up like glass in the sun (check out the original post linked at the beginning of this).  Features a specially modified neck to accept the larger Gobon head on the small neck spot, and a green Phase Core inside the belly.

Glyos Ceekoar Guardian Fully painted with Monster Kolor, pearls, flakes, shading and highlighting, clear parts and C-thru paints on the arm weapons and chest cannon.

Glyos Sarvos Ranger Fully painted with Monster Kolor in my new ‘Ranger’ scheme featuring multiple green shades and highlights, clear red over silver, and a Jade pearl coat.

Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran Hot pink vinyl given a highly detailed paint job using genuine Monster Kolor, sealed for protection, and then given a matte, vintage finish.  Stands 4″ tall.

Real X Head ‘Cray-vil’ Evil. An earlier figure painted on flesh vinyl using Cel-Vinyl and Vallejo acrylics.  Sealed with gloss for protection, with some parts given a matte finish for effect.  Stands 6″ tall.

Kaiju Big-Battel x Marmit ‘Real Type’ Vegetius. Clear blue vinyl given a highly detailed ‘Real Type’ paint job using 100% Monster Kolor paints.  Detailed with metallics, pearl, and color change flake, with a high gloss ‘just rising from the water’ finish.  Stands about 10″ tall (standard sized tall).

M1 Godzilla Final Wars ‘Oozing’ Hedorah. Chocolaty brown vinyl given a detailed paint job using Cel-Vinyl acrylics with matte finish and shiny ooze details.  Stands 9″ tall (standard sized).