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Chilly Garamon Painted for Garamaniacal at FOE in a realistic scheme using Monster Kolor, acrylics, inks, and more.  Available at FOE Gallery for $100.  Stands about 8″ tall.  $25 of the proceeds from sale go to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children as apart of a larger effort by GaraMike to raise money.  While you’re on the FOE page, check out my Vira Seijin and Microcultures!

Restore Debris Japan Contest- Gikaku, False Oni  White vinyl painted with Monster Kolor and acrylics,  Metal and cloth accessories.  MK sealed for protection, with a velvety smooth matte finish.  Painted for Restore’s painting contest.



M1GO ‘Real Type’ Vira Seijin.  Flesh vinyl painted with Monster Kolor.  Crazy Ultra-plant-thing-kaiju features vibrant organic colors with a gloss finish up top, and velvety matte brown roots down below.  Available exclusively at FOE.  Stands ~9″ tall.

M1GO Garamon.  Red vinyl given a loose vintage style paint job with modern, bright colors using genuine Monster Kolor.  Directional sprays add a ton of depth to the texture of the ‘fur’  Sealed for protection, and then most of the figure was given a matte finish to maintain the vintage style feel.  Stands 8″ tall (standard sized short).

Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran Hot pink vinyl given a highly detailed paint job using genuine Monster Kolor, sealed for protection, and then given a matte, vintage finish.  Stands 4″ tall.

Gargamel Mini Mightin. Blue vinyl sprayed with genuine Monster Kolor ‘Rolok’ flat colors, with some glossy details.  Stands 4″ tall.

Real X Head Akro-kaiser. Flesh vinyl given a highly detailed paint job using genuine Monster Kolor paints with pearls, metallics, and a high gloss finish.  Stands 6″ tall.

Real X Head ‘Cray-vil’ Evil. An earlier figure painted on flesh vinyl using Cel-Vinyl and Vallejo acrylics.  Sealed with gloss for protection, with some parts given a matte finish for effect.  Stands 6″ tall.

Kaiju Big-Battel x Marmit ‘Real Type’ Vegetius. Clear blue vinyl given a highly detailed ‘Real Type’ paint job using 100% Monster Kolor paints.  Detailed with metallics, pearl, and color change flake, with a high gloss ‘just rising from the water’ finish.  Stands about 10″ tall (standard sized tall).

M1 Godzilla Final Wars ‘Oozing’ Hedorah. Chocolaty brown vinyl given a detailed paint job using Cel-Vinyl acrylics with matte finish and shiny ooze details.  Stands 9″ tall (standard sized).