M1GO ‘Real Type’ Vira Seijin.  Flesh vinyl painted with Monster Kolor.  Crazy Ultra-plant-thing-kaiju features vibrant organic colors with a gloss finish up top, and velvety matte brown roots down below.  Available exclusively at FOE.  Stands ~9″ tall.

Max Toy Co Mini Drazoran Hot pink vinyl given a highly detailed paint job using genuine Monster Kolor, sealed for protection, and then given a matte, vintage finish.  Stands 4″ tall.

Real X Head ‘Cray-vil’ Evil. An earlier figure painted on flesh vinyl using Cel-Vinyl and Vallejo acrylics.  Sealed with gloss for protection, with some parts given a matte finish for effect.  Stands 6″ tall.

Kaiju Big-Battel x Marmit ‘Real Type’ Vegetius. Clear blue vinyl given a highly detailed ‘Real Type’ paint job using 100% Monster Kolor paints.  Detailed with metallics, pearl, and color change flake, with a high gloss ‘just rising from the water’ finish.  Stands about 10″ tall (standard sized tall).

M1 Godzilla Final Wars ‘Oozing’ Hedorah. Chocolaty brown vinyl given a detailed paint job using Cel-Vinyl acrylics with matte finish and shiny ooze details.  Stands 9″ tall (standard sized).

Bandai MFV Missiles. 2x reproduction MFV missiles cast in Urethane resin.  Each missile marked for authenticity and indentifiability.  Every missile also test-loaded and fired to ensure fit, function, and durability.  Perfect for finally getting to enjoy the firing feature on some of the best vintage sofubi out there!

Chilly Garamon Painted for Garamaniacal at FOE in a realistic scheme using Monster Kolor, acrylics, inks, and more.  Available at FOE Gallery for $100.  Stands about 8″ tall.  $25 of the proceeds from sale go to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children as apart of a larger effort by GaraMike to raise money.  While you’re on the FOE page, check out my Vira Seijin and Microcultures!

Killer Culture Micro Cultures!  After debuting at FOE, there are still a few of these micro resins available on their site.  They are $5 each, about an inch tall, and each figures a rare earth magnet so you can stick them anywhere!  All are hand case and spayed with Monster Kolor by me.

Restore Debris Japan Contest- Gikaku, False Oni  White vinyl painted with Monster Kolor and acrylics,  Metal and cloth accessories.  MK sealed for protection, with a velvety smooth matte finish.  Painted for Restore’s painting contest.



Killer Culture Battle Pack, available at Toy Art Gallery.  Features a resin Safrinin Red Microfighter weathering version, prototype X-Gal colored E. killer, and original sculpt Streptoccocus murderious microculture.  Both Cultures feature magnetic features.  Set painted with Monster Kolor and acrlics.

Garamel x Butanohana Pocket S-taiin Milky clear vinyl painted with Monster Kolor C-thrus, finished with Moondust.

Killer Culture RLF-MKI Antimacrobial Microfighter Rollout Colors 3″ tall one-piece resin figure painted exclusively with Monster Kolor. White and red medic scheme supplemented with moondust.

Killer Culture Task Force G Antimacrobial Microfighters 3″ Resin one-piece figure painted with Monster Kolor with a detailed paint scheme featuring shading and highlighting and a matte finish. Sealed with MK Gloss for protection and then matted with acrylic varnish.

Killer Culture Antimacrobial Microfighter Task Force G ‘Weathering ver. 3″ resin one-piece figure painted with Monster Kolor and acrylics. Painted with details, shading, and highlighting, then a gloss coat for protection, then decals, weathering, and wear and tear, with a matte finish. One-off.

Killer Culture Antimacrobial Microfighter Guiro Elite 3″ resin one-piece figure painted exclusively with Monster Kolor. Super glossy and pearly Clover green with highlighting, with metallic blue and pearly red details. One-off.